What dream has taught me

It’s cool that now you’re really living your dream. It came true.

My lovely junior high school friend told me that a week ago. It took three days for me to accept the truth of her statement.

I keep asking,

Is it true? Am I living my dream?


So what am I going to do next?

There’s a thin line between life and dream. That small gap makes me doesn’t like dream interfere my life.


I just graduated from university. Reaching my bachelor degree in social science. I studied communication and journalism, aimed higher to be a journalist. Moreover, it’s already my third weeks became a reporter in new emerging media, one of the largest group in Indonesia (not MNC, thank you).

I planned my life very well. I made the strategy. I was struggling. I was fully awake for what I’m doing all this years. And I’m pretty arrogant so some people could called me ‘ambitious bitch’. I’m fine with that.

I don’t like to romanticize my dream. I made future. I made living.

I don’t know what God had planned. I surrendered my life, but I wasn’t stop living. What if, God gives me this arrogant and ambitious feature to make a good future for everyone? If it’s true, I won’t stop being like that. I don’t want to waste my time. I need to ensure that my life is useful for others.

What I’m doing with my life is not actualizing dream. Life is more than that.

So when my friend told me that I made my dream came true, I got frustrated. I never heard the story of someone living his/her dream. People tend to tell how they reaching out their dream. It’s cliche.

I really want to know how they’re living their dream. Because I’m feeling uneasy. My life is getting harder. And I’m not always passionate as in the past. Life is more than that, it’s infinite struggle. Infinite fight. Crawled, walked, ran, then jumped. It’s a long way journey to tell that,

“Ah… I was living my dream, wasn’t I?”

And to sum it up, I have just started. And I aim to give all I have to fight for the future. So well, I don’t like dream interfere my life. The only thing that dream has taught me is, anything is possible even when you think it’s not. So¬†abstract!