Growing then Leaving

That was just another midnight mindfreak session. I was awkwardly become melancholic. At first, I’m being reminded of my childhood bestfriend’s 22nd birthday. How time flies so fast, that I’ve became adapt to live without her. She grows like stranger on my mind. The next second, I realized that I knew nothing about her life.

I typed on my twitter timeline,

I, then realize, we do let things go when we’re grown up.

Friends leaving one by one. Moving out. Growing up. Seems like a scene on movie. Or a page of a book.

I remember that our relationship isn’t going well at the end. There’re some complicated issues which falling like a giant snowball. I left her actually. Stepping out from the comfort zone where we build for one another.

When you were on high school, the existence of friends kept you sane. They create life around you. They create a sweet escape for you. It stays longer than any relationship that you’ve ever built before (or after). They become a page of our book. And in order to finish a book, we should turn the page. Likewise, they. So then some people going into separate way. Leaving. Several names no longer mentioned on the next page afterwards.


So, then memories left to be something that would remain there forever.

For me, it often happens. Several names no longer mentioned on the page. Either it’s me who’s gone, or them. This life is bitter, irritating, yet fascinating. Along with time, I grown up and see all the conspiracy which God makes around me. It gives me a sign to be grateful to everyone who ever filled my book. If it’s not because of them, I wouldn’t learnt any lesson. If it’s not because they left me or I left them, I wouldn’t know how it feels to have significant other. Beyond any romantic or platonic reason.

This post may sounds so bad. But you’d agree with me, that we all ever had a good or bad friendship, the real or the fake ones, long or short ones, and those are precious.


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